Lead Scientists Andy Hall-Ponselè and Lina Gasiūnaitė founded Biotangents in 2015 to develop DNA manipulation technologies and apply them to meet economic and societal challenges in a sustainable manner.

company-lab-0f49213eBiotangents was founded upon our Leapfrog Assembly™ platform technology for building complex genetic constructs from multiple DNA parts. This was developed through a SMART: Scotland award from Scottish Enterprise and was exe0mplified through the generation of our terpenoid biosynthesis strains. During that successful first year we also developed our DNA randomisation technology, Short Sequence Randomisation™.

In 2016, having formulated a concept for a modular cell-free nucleic acid detection technology, Moduleic Sensing™, and with support from SynbiCITE, we commenced development of our first diagnostic test, a highly specific and sensitive solution for pen-side diagnosis of infectious diseases in livestock.


At Biotangents, we develop new platform technologies for manipulating DNA and apply those technologies to explore different tangents of biology. This allows us to generate biological solutions to societal problems in a manner that is both environmentally sustainable and economically competitive.

We welcome partnering and collaboration opportunities from vets, farmers, academia and beyond. Contact us for more information.


Biotangents are proud to be members of CIEL, IBioIC and SynbiCITE.

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