Partnering and collaboration

Partnering and collaboration

Biotangents work with UK and international partners in the veterinary, agricultural and consumer goods sectors to develop innovative bioproducts and processes. We form a key part of the partner’s R&D and product development value chain.

Rapid molecular diagnostics


We work with vets, farmers and academics and other stakeholders in the veterinary diagnostics sector to identify targets for our diagnostic tests and to bring the resultant devices to market. We are actively seeking interested parties, particularly those with access to clinical samples, to help us validate our technology for deployment.

We are also inviting those in the livestock farming community who are facing challenges from infectious diseases to discuss these challenges with us. Together we can develop new and improved ways to diagnose diseases early and accurately, so that effective treatment and husbandry decisions can be made.

Sustainable materials

We recognise that our partners desire added value. Our knowledge of metabolic engineering extends to designing genetic constructs and screening engineered pathways for the production of the material our partners require:

  • We identify relevant pathways and the steps within and around those pathways that will contribute most to the formation of the material of interest
  • We design and assemble the genetic constructs that will maximise the production of the material of interest
  • We validate the multiple engineering strategies used and identify the strategy that provides the highest production of the material of interest

Whether engineering a simple enhancement of a product or process or generating and evaluating multiple combinations of assemblies with multiple changes to the genes of interest, Biotangents delivers consistently and to the highest standards.

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