DNA assembly service

DNA assembly service

DNA design, manipulation and assembly service

Biotangents’ DNA sequence manipulation and assembly technologies and know-how are available as part of our service offering. Our custom offerings range from substantial “design, build, test” to more straightforward “you design it; we build it” services.

Design, build, test

pipette-678573c6We recognise that our customers desire added value. Our knowledge at Biotangents extends to designing genetic constructs and screening engineered microbial strains for the behaviour you require:

  • We identify relevant pathways and genes and that will contribute most to the required outcome, whether that be the generation of specific chemical product, intermediate or protein.
  • We design and assemble the genetic constructs to achieve the required outcome.
  • We validate the multiple engineering strategies used and identify the optimal strategy.

You design it; we build it

Biotangents have substantial expertise in DNA manipulation and assembly, including our own advanced assembly technologies, Short Sequence Randomisation™ and Leapfrog Assembly™.

We will use whichever methodology provides the quickest, most reliable and cost-effective means of generating the genetic constructs you require, whether that is a single bespoke engineered plasmid or a library of hundreds of thousands of unique DNA part sequences or combinations.

Whether engineering a simple enhancement of a product or process or generating and evaluating multiple combinations of assemblies with multiple changes to the genes of interest, Biotangents delivers consistently and to the highest standards.

Contact us to let us know how we can help make biology work for you at info@biotangents.co.uk.

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