Leapfrog Assembly™

Leapfrog Assembly™

Leapfrog Assembly™ is our advanced DNA assembly platform technology. It leapfrogs competing methods by enabling combinatorial PCR-free multi-part assembly in a single reaction.

Key Features of Leapfrog Assembly™

Multi-part DNA assembly in a single step – Multiple DNA parts are assembled efficiently and simultaneously in a pre-defined order in a single reaction

Combinatorial assembly – Many different combinations of a given set of parts can be assembled simultaneously in parallel for rapid pathway optimisation

Mutation-free – A PCR-free approach allows large assemblies to be made with minimal risk of mutation

Re-usable parts – Individual parts, which can be compatible with standards such as BioBrick™, can be re-used in multiple assemblies without the need for re-cloning or re-amplification, reducing time and cost

Automation-friendly – Automation of Leapfrog Assembly™ provides a fast and straightforward method for generating multiple part combinations, minimising the time required to explore the experimental space and find the optimum solution

Use of alternative assembly methods

We recognise that different assembly methods are suited to different engineering challenges. We always aim to use the assembly method that provides the quickest, most reliable and cost-effective solution to a design problem.

To learn more about Leapfrog Assembly™ or our DNA design, manipulation and assembly services, please contact us.

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