Moduleic Sensing™

Moduleic Sensing™

Moduleic Sensing™ is our modular molecular diagnostic technology for detecting and reporting the presence of specific nucleic acid sequences. Diagnostic sensors based on Moduleic Sensing™ contain three modules:

  • Detection – defines the disease to be detected through specification of a target nucleic acid sequence
  • Amplification – sets the sensitivity through generation of an interim signal
  • Reporting – controls how the result is observed by the operator

Modularity is intrinsic to Moduleic Sensing™ and allows it to be adapted to different purposes in less than three months: adapting to a different target requires only the alteration of a portion of the Detection module, sensitivity can be adjusted by altering the Amplification module, and the type of response observed by the user can be altered by changing the Reporting module.

Unlike PCR, Moduleic Sensing™ works at a single temperature and is robust to impurities in the sample. This makes it obtimal for use outside the diagnostic laboratory, at the pen-side.

Moduleic Sensing™ forms the basis of our diagnostic tests for infectious diseases of livestock, through support from SynbiCITE and Innovate UK.

For more information about Moduleic Sensing™ or any of our technologies or products, please contact us.

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